The Animal Sunset

Today one the photo shoot we will be talking about the photo above.   I decided to call this photo the “Animal’s sunset” because of the cows in the background of this photo. One thing I really like about this photo is you look at the very bottom layer. You can still see what you see by the middle layers of grass, But the cool thing is that as you look more towards the center of the photo you can see most of the colors surrounding it or the center having a darker shade.  For example the bottom layer in this photo that shoulder the grass is darker than the grass farther back in this photo or more towards the center.  I also like how in this photo you can tell in a way that these cows are in the wild by looking at simple things, for instance the grass.  I specifically point out the grass in this example mainly because if you look at it it looks very uncut and bushy with weeds everywhere.  Another thing that I also admire about this photo is if you look at the bottom left or right you can see how these two corners are completely blacked out with no color,  Also contributing to the To when I said as you move more towards the center of the photo the brighter the colors get.  Now looking more towards the middle layer of the photo I really like how you can see a long stretched out Hill starting from the far left and extending all the way to the center of this photo.  If you look very closely you can see this Hill it’s kind of a dark Gray color. Now feel look at the center of this photo. We can face our attention more towards the cows. Something I like about this photo is how you could see three cows towards the center of this picture and how you can  drift off and as you Look around  more you can see little black dots in the distance also cows but you can’t see the details of their bodies.  If you look up from the cows now you can see a nice Orangish red sky because of the sunset. Something I really like about the sky in this photo is that there are 3 sections,the clear sky Orangish red section,The cloudy Orangish red section, and the dark cloud section.  If you look at the top layer of this photo and more towards the right had side  you can see lots of clouds and big blobs of them and they look like their wines striking from the bottom left of the photo to the top right. I also like how in this photo if you look on the very top layer You can see clouds but not the color we’ve seen in the past ports of this photo. It’s a nice dark and stormy looking cloud.  Something else that I think’s really cool about this photo is that if you look very closely into the dark and stormy Cloud part of this photo you can still see bits of Orange popping out.  Tell me what you guys think about this photo in the comment section and maybe even leave a like if you want!

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