The Three

Today on the photo shoot we will be talking about the photo above.  I decided to call this photo “the three” because of the three rocks in the center of the photo. One thing I really like about this photo is the sand on the ground around the bottom of the photo. I like how the sand is wet most and still has a kind of colorful spread of orangish red because of the sunset. I also like how some of the sand piled up on the right side of the photo to form kind of a small hill to look over the beautifully colored areas. Something I really like is the color of the pillar of sand on the right side of the photo, I think it really complements the colored areas. Now let’s talk about the middle part of this photo, not the rocks but the area below them. I really like how this area of the photo has multiple waves coming in that are a nice ice blue color. It’s cool how this blueness stretches around the rocks kinda creating a look as if the rock are special in some sort of way. I like how on the left hand side of the photo you can see the shiny blue fading away more and more and turning into a black color for the background of this photo. Above from that black area you can see the nice orangish red clouds, I like how in these clouds you can see a mix of black as if it’s coming from the area below it. I also admire how in this photo all the clouds you can see  are almost perfectly in the center of this photo. I also saw enough seeing the clouds in this photo look like they were drifting from left to right. Now as you look up from that clouds red orange and black area I like how you can see those colors slowly drifting away and then at a point just snapping into a light sky blue. I  really like in this photo you can see the light baby blue sky blend in and kinda except the darker and more tangy orange color. I also like how as you look up into the clear blue sky you can only see just emptiness, it’s kind of a peacemaker or like something to stare at when you need to clear your head. Finally now we go back down to the center of the photo, or “The Three”. Like I said in the start of this post I called this photo “The Three” just simply because of there being three rocks in total. I really admire how these three rocks kinda have like a 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing to them, the rock on the very left hand side of the photo is the tallest and the rock on the right hand side is kind of a medium height and where the  center rock has a very small appearance. Tell me what you guys think about this photo in the comment section and maybe even leave a like!

Jd Women Sticker by jdsports for iOS & Android | GIPHY

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