Jumping over

Today on the photo shoot we will be talking about the photo above. I deiced to call this photo “Jumping over” because of the sun having kind of a duplicating effect on the water line, as if the sun is jumping over the it. I like how in this photo you can see the sunset reflects itself onto the water as if the picture is showing a full sun. I also like how in this photo right above the sunset you have a clear orange sky and as you pan out on that layer you get more of a darker orange. As you look up more into this photo you can admire how the clouds have a deeply sort of mix in orange into its white. I like how the clouds are shaped too. the clouds are bunched up in the top layer glob of this photo but I also can see thick lines drifting left and right connecting with one and other to make these oddly shaped clouds in the sky. Something I also really enjoy are the three little dark clouds in the sky, they just the black sheep of the group. I like how these cloud are seemingly perfectly placed on the top right of this photo. I also like how if you look at the very top of this photo you can see more clouds but they’re more of a orange red color with nice little slither of like a orange white color. I enjoy seeing how even if the top layer of clouds is a different color but they still portray the same shape and the same left to right thick lines as the clouds around the center of the photo. Now lets talk about the hill on the left side of the photo. I do like how the hill doesn’t just cut off  at a certain point and kinda overlaps it self pointing more to the sun. One more thing I notice about this photo is that you can copy it if you where to take a picture from the top of the hill, you would have the same photo just the hill and the two big rocks on the bottom of the photo wouldn’t be there. I also like how in this photo the two rocks at the bottom of the photo are kinda connected to each other and to the hill, so kinda also making them or the two rocks and the hill one big weird shape or size. I even like the simple fact that the hill and the two rock are blacked out and have no color, I think any type of effect like that in a photo is a great one. Now for the very bottom part of this photo, the little pool of water kinda hiding behind the two rocks. I admire how the sun works in the way that it can reflect light onto farther item or object. In this photo the sun is reflecting its light onto the small pool of water. If you look at the bottom right hand side of this photo you can see a tide pulling in and the sun reflecting itself onto the certain area, you can also kinda see this effect behind the rock closest to the hill. I don’t know if its the rock blocking the sun to shine on the middle part of the small pool of water or not, but other wise I think this photo looks great just the way it is. Tell me what you guys think about the photo above in th comment section and maybe even leave a like if you’d like!

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