3 reasonds you shouldn’t talk in class

Talking in class is a very important thing. You do it so you get your work if you are in a group or in pairs. But sometimes if you are taking the wrong way it’s a bad thing. By saying in the wrong way I mean not talking about school relevant things.  


One of the reasons that you shouldn’t be talking in class is that the teacher or your administrator might say something very important that they will not restate. Because of you’re talking you can’t find out what the teacher said that was so important.


One other reason to not talk is to get in trouble. If you are talking in the middle of the class your administrator/teacher might catch you in the action of talking and give you  time on the bench for recess or detention or what ever discord they can give you.


As a final reason that you shouldn’t talk in class is so you aren’t known as the person that talks a lot.  If people think you talk a lot that can lower the chances of being known as a good student orit can lower the chances of you getting the grade you want.


There are many reasons that you shouldn’t talk in class like being disrespectful of the teacher or not letting your classmates learn to there full advantage. There are many more that there are that I have not listed yet but in conclusion, you should not be talking in class anyways.


Backyard Rose

This photo is a photo of a rose. This rose had a different look to the base of it. when I say the base I mean that the main part if the flower or pedals. As the rose blooms out the colors get a more darker shade.  An as you can see in the picture you see all of the thin layers of the rose pedals. This photo was taken in a backyard, and because of that I can’t tell or state a location  because of private reasons. But I can say that this photo was took in the city of Hercules, California.20180518_1630511

Mid flight shot

This photo is a mid flight photo. Yes you heard me this photo was shot during a flight that was going San Francisco CA to Long beach CA. When I took this shot the air craft just entered a level  in the air when you fly past the cloud . This photo also showcases layers of the sky.

As you can see there’s the clouds, than you see multiply layers of colors. This photo shows the higher the photo is the darker and the lower the lighter, not including the clouds.






The Vallejo pom tree

This photo was shot at a park in Vallejo,California.  As I was trying to take the picture I tried to incorporate the sun and the pom tree next to each other, but as I was looking for an angle for the shot I thought the tree would have a different effect if the sun was behind it.

That different effect would be the tree having a dark or darker effect to the pom tree. By finding out this effect what I did was I walked around the tree looking at angles I can take a good shot of.



The photo shoot

This photo is a photo of the sun shinning threw a tree. As I was walking around the tree I was trying to look for an angle that I can take a photo of the sun shinning threw the tree itself.  When I walking around the tree I saw the sun shine threw the center gap of the tree. 20180728_164633

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